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Dr. Feriduni


Dr. Bijan Feriduni has been dedicated exclusively to advanced hair restoration since 1995 and performs large sessions of ultra-refined strip and FUE hair transplantation with outstanding results.

Dr. Feriduni and his Belgian staff perform excellent ultra-refined follicular unit grafting with great attention to detail and careful microscopic graft trimming and placing. Dr. Feriduni offers his patients large sessions of both ultra-refined strip excision hair transplantation and follicular unit extraction (FUE). His large and very experienced staff enables him to offer his patients large sessions so they can achieve their hair restoration goals sooner and with less surgery and cost. 


Dr. Feriduni ‘s personal philosophy is to provide each patient with excellent quality hair restoration results in which the patient’s well-being and personal wishes are of major concern. A physician is always trained to become a good doctor but isn't necessarily trained in human interest. However, Dr. Feriduni feels it is of a fundamental importance that each patient who suffers from hair loss is taken seriously. As a hair restoration physician, Dr. Feriduni deals with real people who often suffer from a lack of confidence and are expecting him to help them to achieve a new phase in their life. Each one of his patients trusts that Dr. Feriduni will provide him or her with the very best hair restoration treatment and results. Because the degree of success for the patient‘s hair restoration procedure lies in the hands of the hair surgeon, Dr. Feriduni thoroughly evaluates and discusses all hair loss treatment options and limitations of hair transplant surgery with his patients prior to operating. Dr. Feriduni feels strongly that it's the surgeon's duty to provide his patient with as much information and detail as possible so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed. He also listens to the patient's personal suggestions and desires and helps guide him or her on their way to becoming a happy and satisfied patient. 


Dr. Feriduni started in 1993 at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt at the department for general surgery as a junior consultant. He received the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the J.W. Goethe University of Frankfurt in Germany in 1994. In 1995, after being a junior consultant in general surgery for over 2,5 years, he started his hair transplant surgery education at Transhair, a private clinic for hair transplantation in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1998, Dr. Feriduni received his board certification for general medicine in Belgium. In 2000, Dr. Feriduni started his own hair transplant clinic “Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic” located in Hasselt, Belgium with a team of 8 medical assistants and 3 office assistants. 4 medical assistants have an average of 16 to 20 years experience in the field of hair transplantation. In 2004, Dr. Feriduni also started performing follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures. Dr. Feriduni has dedicated the last 20 years exclusively to learning and mastering hair restoration surgery and has performed over 8000 hair transplant procedures today with an average of 30 to 40 procedures each month since 1995. Thanks to his lengthy experience and his specialization within the field, Dr. Feriduni is considered to be one of Europe’s leading experts in both aesthetic and reconstructive hair transplant surgery. In 2012 Dr. Feriduni received his board certification as a member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).


Dr. Feriduni performs exclusive hair restoration surgery at his clinic in Belgium and provides each patient with world renowned care, personal attention and complete confidentiality during his or her stay.
Dr. Feriduni personally supervises the progress of each patient and manages all pre and postoperative controls from day one throughout the first year. The progress of each treatment is evaluated and verified using an objective measurement tool called Trichoscan®, which is a digital trichogram device, or with the DermLite®. Prior to hair loss treatment, each patient is carefully examined and a permanent record will be made using one of those devices. Every patient receives a detailed long-term treatment plan, in which both medical as well as surgical treatment options are taken in consideration. 

Dr. Feriduni has the experience and the staff to perform high density FUE sessions up to 3000 follicular unit grafts a single day or up to 5000 follicular unit grafts in a 2 days session when appropriate for the patient. The daily average number of follicular units transplanted per patient during a follicular unit strip excision transplant procedure varies between 2000 and 4000 follicular units. Dr. Feriduni offers his patients a highly personalized procedure and typically operates on only one or two patients per day.

The following advanced tools and techniques are used in each treatment:

  1. Follicular unit extraction pre-made incision technique combining lateral and coronal slits
    and fine tuning using “Stick and place” technique or Double layer Trichophytic Closure technique
  2. Incisions with custom-made blades (0.6mm up to 1.1mm)

Using those tools and techniques allows Dr. Feriduni to dense pack up to 70 follicular unit grafts per cm² when appropriate for the patient and if it is advisable. Dr. Feriduni believes that reconstructing a natural looking hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplantation. Creating a natural looking hairline and undetectable result not only depends on the science and skill of the surgeon, but also takes years of experience and a high grade of precision, artistic sense and imagination. Creating the hairline or temporal peaks is a real challenge for each hair surgeon and this provides Dr. Feriduni with the opportunity to show his artistic skills.

In addition to Belgian patients, over 90% of Dr. Feriduni's patients is international. Every patient is personally consulted by Dr. Feriduni in English, German, Dutch or French. More than 30% of Dr. Feriduni's cases include repair or corrective hair transplant procedures due to previously outdated or subpar results from other clinics. Dr. Feriduni also offers scalp reduction procedures by means of the expander- or extender technique and scar revision. Additional services include eyebrow and eyelash transplantation; beard, moustache and sideburn restoration; and scar camouflage after a facelift, accident or burning injury. More than 10% of Dr. Feriduni's monthly cases are women and nearly 2% of all yearly cases are transgender patients. In addition to surgical treatments, Dr. Feriduni also offers his patients medical therapy consultations with Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil) and others.

Dr. Feriduni also believes in social responsibility and helps those who cannot afford to pay for reconstructive hair treatment. Through his own foundation, which was started in 2005, Dr. Feriduni performs one surgical case each month free of charge. The understanding of truly "state of the art” hair transplantation surgery, the capability to perform ultra-refined surgery and the commitment to high ethical standards has made the “Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic’ one of the most prominent hair transplant clinics in Europe. 


Dr. Feriduni developed an indication guide line (ESHRS, Paris 2007 – Title: FUS and FUE, a comparison of both techniques) in which he describes the indications of both harvesting techniques. Dr. Feriduni truly believes that only an educated patient could make a rational decision regarding to which harvesting technique he will chose for his procedure. Dr. Feriduni has also trained several physicians worldwide and shared his experience and knowledge openly in performing state of the art hair transplantation throughout the last 12 years. 


  • 1995
    Las Vegas
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2003
    New York
  • 2003
  • 2005

    ESHRS Meeting
    · Speaker: ‘Special cases after radiation, accidents and corrections of hair transplantation’

  • 2006

    ESHRS Meeting
    · Speaker: ‘FUE and FUT, methods, instruments and indications’

  • 2007

    ESHRS Meeting
    · Speaker: ‘FUE and FUT, a comparison of both techniques’

  • 2007
    ISHRS Meeting
    Las Vegas
  • 2008

    ESHRS Meeting
    · Speaker: ‘Complications after dense packing: a case study’

  • 2008
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2009

    ESHRS Meeting
    · Live surgery – eyelash transplantation
    · Speaker: ‘Update on FUE and FUT, a comparison of both techniques’
                       ‘Eyelash transplantation’
                       ‘Complications after dense packing – Update on a case study’

  • 2009
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2010
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2010

    EACMFS Meeting
    · Speaker: ‘Facial Hair Transplantation’

  • 2011

    SHRS Meeting
    · Live surgery – FUE Hair line with 1111 FU
    · Speaker: ‘Complications after dense-packing in female hair transplantation’
                        ‘Eyelash transplantation’ ‘FUE and FUT – a comparison of both techniques’
                        ‘Body Hair Transplantation 8200 FU in multiple sessions – a case study’

  • 2011
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2012
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2012

    ABHRS Certification

  • 2013
    ISHRS Meeting
    San Francisco
  • 2013
    ISHRS Meeting
  • 2013

    2nd Mediterranean FUE workshop
    · Live surgery – FUE demo
    · Faculty and speaker: ‘Update on FUE and FUT: a comparison of both techniques’

  • 2014

    ISHRS Meeting
    · Workshop faculty: ‘FUE course – non-powered Sharp Punch FUE’

    Kuala Lumpur
  • 2015

    3rd Mediterranean FUE workshop
    · Faculty and speaker: ‘Easy preoperative techniques’
     ‘Donor management in mega-sessions FUE’
     ‘Safe donor site management in FUE’
     ‘Depletion of the donor site after FUE technique’
     ‘The manual coring method’
    · Video presentation FUE - Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic
    · Live surgery – FUE demo

  • 2016

    · Live surgery – FUE demo
    · Video presentation FUE – Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic
    · Faculty and speaker: ‘Female frontal hairline' 
      ‘FUE after strip harvesting'
      ‘FUE complications – graft damage and transection'
      ‘FU eyelash transplantation'

  • 2017

    · Live Surgery – FUE demo
    · Faculty and speaker: ‘FUE Terminology – transection, calculated, density’
      ‘How I calculate my cases according to donor capacity, my red flags’
      ‘Long hair FUE – Reverse eyelash transplantation’
      ‘Manual coring technique – non-powered sharp punch’
      ‘How I create natural hairlines’
      ‘Female frontal hairline'
      ‘Common pitfalls in FUE surgery and past oversights’


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  • Member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) since 2012
  • Member and faculty of the World FUE Institute since 2016
  • Member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS) since 2007
  • Member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians since 2007
  • Member of the German Society of Laser Medicine since 2002
  • Member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since 2000
  • Member of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS) since 1999
  • Member of the European Academy for Cosmetic Surgery (EACS) since 1998


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