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"First of all I wanted to thank you all for treating me and my family so extremely well during our stay at your clinic. I really appreciate the sincere kindness that everyone showed me and the highly professional approach you all have. Thank you ALL for giving me such a great experience! And for Dr. Feriduni - I felt like I were in the absolut best of hands the whole time! From my first consultation to the day of the surgery, I felt like you understood all of my concerns and wishes. I am very grateful for everything you have done so far. Thank you!"  
PS, Russia


Je souhaite vous adresser mes plus sincères remerciements plusieurs années après ma greffe capillaire réalisée dans votre établissement. Le succès a été au rendez-vous : j'ai pu retrouver confiance en moi et sérénité. Cette greffe a été aussi un des facteurs qui m'a aidé à réussir le concours sanctionnant la fin de la 6e année de médecine, me permettant de débuter ma formation de futur anesthésiste-réanimateur."  

J-SM, France

"It's 9 months after the surgery already... it's the time to take a look at the result...- I am very very very satisfied! I'd like to thank you for your perfect job. I am very happy again, thank you!"  
JM, Germany

"I just thought I’d send an email to thank you, all the team and of course Dr Feriduni for the excellent work that I received and the results really have changed my life!! I did lots research before deciding that Dr Feriduni was the right surgeon for me and have never regretted that decision! I would appreciate it as this probably be the last time I keep in touch unless of course down the line I need more work if you could thank Dr Feriduni. He will never know how much that helped me, and what it meant to regain my confidence, changing my life for the better! I will be forever grateful!"  

"I would like to thank you, that you (and of course also your team) have restored the joy and happiness in my life. After I have been hiding myself for almost 10 years in my house, I have now the confidence again to go outside and feel good about myself. I have defeated my insecurities thanks to you!"
AD, Italy

"I just want to take a moment to thank you and the staff for the great job done. My transplant done mid of July is progressing well and after only 4.5 months I can see a very good result that probably will improve furthermore in the upcoming months. Thanks again and may you and your staff prosper and achieve all your life goals."
LVD, Belgium

"A big thank you again, too you and your staff, the results have given me such confidence and I'll be forever great full to you all! for the great results achieved!"

"It's been 2 weeks today since my fue procedure, I have healed very well, and have no complications to report. I just wanted to email you all to sincerely thank you for your professional, friendly, welcoming and dignified reception you extended me. In what was s fairly daunting undertaking for me personally, I have to say everything about my experience was very positive. From my dealings with the hotel you recommended, taxi service, and most of all all my dealings with the clinic I always felt respected and treated service you might expect with top 5 star hotel. Thank you all very sincerely, you literally have changed my life. Thank you."
GP, The Netherlands

"I'm just getting back to Italy from my holidays and I want once again say THANKS A LOT to Dr. Feriduni and all of you for his and your kindness, helpfulness and.... I don't know what else to say. No words, really. Thanks again."
CDS, France