Reconstructive hair surgery on a 32-year-old burn victim – 2884 FU

Patiënt details
This patient was recommended by the burns unit of the Rotterdam‘s hospital and visited our clinic for the first time in December 2008. He suffered from severe scarring (grade III) at the frontal and left part of the scalp and left eyebrow due to a burning incident with sunflower oil. 

Treatment plan of the four-step surgical procedure

1. The first surgical procedure involves the insertion of a skin expander (Silimed skin expander, 600ml) as a preparation for a scalp reduction in the left fronto-temporal region.
2. A scalp reduction in the left fronto-temporal region to reduce the recipient area.
3. A Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation with 2000 FU to reconstruct the left fronto-temporal region and left eyebrow
4. An eyebrow reconstruction with 200 FU to add density to the left eyebrow (1-2 Follicular Unit Transplantations)

Performed procedures
1. The insertion of a skin expander
2. The expander already needed to be removed after 6 weeks due to a skin infection caused bythe staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a ‘minor’ scalp reduction was performed afterwards. Due to the infection we were compelled to change the treatment plan of the Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation into 2500-3000 FU instead of 2000 FU
3. A Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation was performed to redesign the left hair line, left temporal points and left temporal region with : 1046 single hair follicular units 1463 double hair follicular units 375 triple hair follicular units.

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